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I. T Support Contracts

When an emergency arises, the last thing you want to worry about is whether the issue warrants another call to your service provider, here at BLUCOM I. T we are always happy to help you wherever we can. With a Support Contract there are no limitations on how much assistance we will give you on your software or hardware concerns. ​​We put our years of expertise into play to ensure that you have a short & long term technology strategy.

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  • We offer backup monitoring. Securing your companies data is imperative, & this is why we backup your files daily or weekly depending on your requirements.

  • We provide security & assurance in the face of critical hardware failure in your office space from storms or accidents.

  • We continuously scan your network for unnecessary bandwidth drains which slow your office down.

  • Our IT solutions include providing protection from spam, spyware, malware & dozens of related online security issues.

  • We research all of the hardware & software which may serve as valuable operational assets for your particular industry.

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IT Support Contracts offer reduced IT costs through better uptime & the prediction of potential problems on the IT infrastructure & offer the efficient management of any crisis by reacting quickly & effectively by identifying root cause & restoring operation promptly & professionally. Please find our terms & conditions below;

  • Fixed number of labour hours allocated & included monthly

  • Thereafter reduced Out of Bundle rates apply

  • Monthly Fee based on on-site, remote and telephonic support

  • Weekly scheduled site visit by a dedicated technician

  • Priority Client

  • Server monitoring, including updates & anti-virus

  • Backup Check, Off-site back-up storage as an additional add-on option

  • Payable via Debit Order Only & Payable Monthly in Advance

  • Extra hours are added to next month’s debit order

  • Hours not used are carried over

  • Customised packages available for multi-site, multi-server clients

  • The SLA is subject to the signing of a Blucom SLA Agreement

  • Contract Renewed March Annually

Contact us and we will customise a Service Contract to cater for your needs.

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